Last day today!

Today is the final day of showing Stefan Kater at AbercrombieWindowGallery 314 Abercrombie Street Darlington. Get yourself here. Four minute walk from Redfern Station. Four minute walk from CarriageWorks, 15 minute walk from the White Rabbit.

Look forward to seeing you. Oh and here is the painting of the day, so many to pick from IMG_1918


Happy Mardi Gras Now showing Stefan Kater

Stefan creates emotional intrigue where the eyes and body language of his subjectIMG_1453 (2)

tells  a story and leaves us wanting to know more. The impact of the core emotion stirred by his work is lightened by his inclusion of geometric clean lines, fresh colours and use of contrast. In a recent painting featuring two gay lovers, Stefan captures the emotions behind the grueling process: anticipating the result of the marriage  vote. Copper has been incorporated into this art work, representing Stefan’s hope for a positive outcome.